Nascar 603 and 604 Crate Motor Pistons

19.99 s&h

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Chevy Crate Motor Replacement Pistons with Heavy Duty Pins.
Fits Corvette, ZZ4, LT1, and Fastburn 604
Available in Std
Same Piston as GM # 10159436 plus .002 bigger … Compare to 760.00 a set from GM!!!
High Silicone Aluminum
350 5.7L High Output Engine
Flat Top 4 Valve Reliefs
GM – Mahle Original
10:1 Compression 58cc Head
9.6:1 Compression 62cc Head
Rings 2.0 – 1.5 – 4.0mm
Pistons Have Been Tested 500HP Oval Track with 4000 Laps of Competition
Tested with Small Shot NOS Drag Racing

Now Available in .002 oversize!
Racing pistons for your ZZ4 603 or Fastburn 604 engine.
Special Item: Features .002 Oversize pistons to tighten cylinder wall clearance, which has proven horsepower gains on our dyno!
We also have special .005 Over ring packs available to go with these pistons.