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Custom Racing Engines and Parts

With over 30 years of service to the racing community, we look forward to fulfilling all of your circle track racing needs.

A passion for everything fast

Our comprehensive machine shop of professional services caters to

paved oval, late model stock and dirt track racing.

Head and Valve Work

We specialize in precision head and valve machining to enhance your engine’s performance and reliability.With activities such as resurfacing cylinder heads, refacing valves, and machining valve seats. These measures are designed to optimize combustion efficiency and improve airflow.

Carburetor build and tuning

Our services focus on meticulous carburetor build and tuning to include comprehensive flow testing. We specialize in crafting and tuning carburetors with precision, ensuring optimal fuel efficiency and engine power. Our skilled team conducts rigorous flow testing, meticulously measuring and adjusting to enhance airflow and combustion efficiency.

Engine Boring

In our commitment to enhancing engine performance, we specialize in meticulous engine cylinder boring services to ensure optimal power and efficiency for your engine. Our team of experts is dedicated to precision processes, carefully boring and honing cylinders to exact specifications.

Line Boring

Our skilled builders specialize in meticulously aligning and honing the main bearing bores, ensuring optimal concentricity and stability. With a commitment to excellence, we transform engines into finely tuned powerhouses, delivering a smooth and reliable performance.

Crankshaft balancing

Engage in our Crankshaft Balancing service, where we intricately analyze and adjust counterweights by strategically removing material. This precision process is designed to fine-tune the rotating assembly of your engine. Our skilled technicians meticulously calculate the exact adjustments needed, ensuring optimal balance and performance.

Dynamo-meter testing and tuning

Our skilled builders utilize state-of-the-art dyna meters to simulate real-world conditions, allowing us to precisely measure power output, torque, and overall engine performance. Through this meticulous process, we monitor and adjust various parameters to optimize fuel delivery, ignition timing, and airflow.

An array of resources

Alongside our diverse custom machining services, we uphold quality standards by conducting Dyna testing and procuring components from reputable suppliers.

Dynamo-meter Testing

  • Simulates real racing conditions
  • Understand your current setup
  • Fine tune engine inputs to maximize output

Warehouse Distributor of Racing Components

  • GM Performance
  • Manley Rods
  • Molnar Rods and Crankshafts
  • CP Pistons
  • REV Valves
  • KRC
  • Motor State
  • Nickel’s Performance